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Thank you so much for stopping by! I have named this blog "Running to the Cross" because that is what I often find myself doing...running to be with my Lord Jesus! I often cover many aspects of life on my blog, as it is my journal. I used to write things down in all sorts of notebooks, but my writings would soon be lost. So I decided that it was time to start a blog and share my thoughts and ideas with others. Many topics you will find here are prayers, homemaking and organization, children and pregnancy, funny stories, and the challenges of parenting and motherhood. If you enjoy my blog and leave me a comment, you are likely to have me visit! I love meeting others and gleaning from the lives of others. May you be blessed! Your friend in Christ, Heather

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Out of Steam...

I started my day out by sleeping in a little later, for some reason I was tired this morning. Since my 5 year old DD was not awake, I decided to sleep until she got up (around 7:30 a.m.). Today I have felt like I have been in slow motion. I am not sure why I am so tired, I just am.

After breakfast today, I decided that I better get outside before it rained. The forecast was predicting thunderstorms off and on all afternoon. I started outside by digging up a new flower bed that went all the way around our deck...that took me all morning, but I finished the task and planted my sunflower seeds all around my deck just as it began to thunder and rain.

I can't wait to see them in 80 days (when they are full grown), they are supposed to be giant sunflowers...I think they are going to be six feet tall! I have never grown sunflowers before, so I am really excited!

As it was sprinkling, I also made 2 hills for my cucumber seeds and planted them. I am still needing to plant my green beans, but they only take 55 days, so I still have some time. I like to plant an early season of green beans and a late season. I will be planting green beans again in August (just before the baby is born).

However, since lunch, I have not had any energy. I guess all that wonderful sunshine and fresh air took it out of me...or maybe it way the digging and pulling of weeds!

I need to motivate myself to move, so I am going to write up a list of things that I still need to do today.

  1. Load and run the dishwasher.
  2. Wash all of hubby's laundry.
  3. Fold the clothes in the laundry baskets.
  4. Sweep and mop the kitchen floor.
  5. Tidy up all rooms downstairs for my guests tomorrow.
  6. Vacuum downstairs rooms.
  7. Tidy up bathroom.
  8. Clean off desk/table in living room.
  9. Wash up dishes that can't go in dishwasher.
  10. Straighten couch cover & shelves in living room.
I have a big list, and big hopes. I need MOTIVATION. My energy level is low, I will say a prayer.

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

1 Corinthians 14:40 "Let all things be done decently and in order."


Tiany said...

That is a mighty long list to tackle so late in the day! Im curious to know how you did :-) Remember you are not resting, eating, moving, walking or even breathing for one but for two! Dont be too hard on yourself, if you feel that tired it might just be your bodies way of telling you to slow down a bit. I bet you will have all your energy and nesting feeling back in no time!

Take care of yourself!

Mercy said...

How did your day go Heather? I only check in every so often here now, so I miss out on a lot.

How did your Saturday cleaning spree go? Were you able to get much done?

Sounds like you're really moving over there!! I had a few days that I was dragging in the beginning of my week. Well, both my babies were sick so that may have made a difference, but still...I am glad to be going again!!

I said that to say, don't be hard on yourself. Somedays we don't seem to accomplish much, but the next day (or in a few days) we kick it into high gear & get a lot done.

Anyway, hope all is doing good for you and your family.

Take Care,