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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Boy OR Girl?

Audrey asked me today if I thought I was having a boy or girl. Truthfully, I am in the dark. Here are a few "clues"....I don't know what the gender of the baby is, so YOU have to guess.

  1. The heartbeat has stayed around 140 every time I have been to visit my midwife.
  2. I am carrying the baby all out front like a basketball, not at all around my sides & such.
  3. I always carry my babies low, as I am long waisted (short-legged).
  4. My 2 year old daughter is clingy...every time my girls have been clingy I have had a girl. However, I have not had a boy following a girl. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, my youngest son didn't want to have anything to do with me.
  5. My oldest son was clingy, just like my daughters have been when I was expecting a girl.
  6. I get occassional heartburn, but generally can eat whatever I please.
  7. I haven't had morning sickness at all for a month now.
  8. I haven't had much energy.
  9. I have had round ligament pains with all of my pregnancies including this one.
  10. I have not been craving chocolate.
  11. I have had fewer headaches.
  12. I have had anemia and am working to correct that using liquid chlorophyll.
  13. I have not had much swelling.
  14. The baby is active, but not extremely rough.
  15. The baby hasn't hit me in the bladder yet.
  16. There are times that the baby is moving constantly like he/she is kicking his/her arms and legs.
  17. I have gained more weight with this pregnancy than all my others.
  18. Just as soon as Daddy puts his hands on my tummy to feel baby move, the baby stops (usually).
  19. I haven't had any aversions to cereal and milk (like all my others).
  20. I have been extremely emotional lately, crying about every little thing.
Do you have any ideas or guesses about what I am having? Like I said before, I have NO clue...just like all the others. I can only go by what I know from the past pregnancies.

Have a great day!


Swylv said...

I guess boy....my TCM doc told me that since before I had my son my endocrine system may not have been top notch and while pg with a boy it really takes a toll on the body, more so than a girl....plus you seem to have more girls than boys, so another boy would even the playing field a bit...LOL

Audrey said...

well, darn...now you've got me second guessing myself.

I'm going to stick with my first guess though and say its a boy ;-)

Mercy said...

I have no clue!

I want to let you know though - and so far I haven't told too many people - but, we've contacted a midwife here. I'm not pregnant (as far as we know), but we are hoping to be soon. We're talking to the midwife before hand to ask about some issues I had with my daughter when I was pregnant last. One of which was a torn placenta. Have any info about that one? She also wanted out way early, so I was on bedrest almost the entire pregnancy. I can't imagine doing that now!

By the way, I keep thinking about your beautiful pictures you sent in of your yard. We live in a very dry area and it is difficult to even keep the grass green. How very blessed you are! :-D

Beth said...

Hhmm..I'm thinking maybe a boy since you're not craving chocolate, ;o).