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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Memories...Celebrating my 100th post.

I am finding it quite difficult to sit down and type up 100 "fond" memories. In fact, I am avoiding it. The task, to me, seems mountainous. Finding fond memories, only, is also a task in itself SO I am working on memories only, fond or not. I know I won't have time to put them all in one post, so it will be broken up into many different posts.

Under the Sunflowers by Robert Duncan
Under the Sunflowers

Childhood Memories:

1) I lived in a small town in Missouri. My playmate was my cousin who lived just a few blocks, or should I say a few backyards, away. We would often call each other and meet somewhere in the middle (of the yards that is). Once I walked all the way to her house, and she walked all the way to mine! We didn't cross paths that time and we had to come back again to meet! We always enjoyed each others company as youngsters and spent many summers together.

2) I can remember visiting with an elderly woman in my neighborhood, Mrs. Watts, from time to time with my mom. Her home was always decorated with crocheted afghans, doilies, dolls, silk flower arrangements, and teacups. Once she made my sister and I a doorstop doll, dressed in a beautiful dress and bonnet, made with an old dishsoap bottle which was filled with sand. My doll had brown hair and a blue dress, and my sister's doll had blond hair and a pink dress (I think).

3) I can remember when my mom was pregnant with my sister, how excited I was, and the night that my parents took me and my brother over to my aunt's house to stay when my mom was in labor. In the morning, when I woke up, I remember the phone call from my folks...I was so excited that I had a baby sister! When we arrived home, I remember how much she slept...all day sometimes! I remember peeking into the bassinet to see her sweet little face. I don't remember her crying, just the wonderful moments of having her there.

4) My birthdays were always special to me. I was born on my maternal grandmother's birthday. She and I were always very close. Every birthday I got to spend the night at her house (sometimes two nights in a row). It was very difficult to let her go when she passed away. I was in college at the time and she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer a year earlier. I had just turned nineteen (July 28) and she had turned 70. I gave her some earrings for her birthday that year and fifteen days later (August 12) she went to be with the Lord. My grandfather gave me the earrings back and I still have them to this day. I dream of her occassionally and she seems so alive and real in my dreams, she reassures me that she is okay and doing well. When I awake from my dreams I often feel like I have actually visited with her, it makes my day. I greatly anticipate the day that I get to see her again! She was (and is) my best friend!

5) Summertime. This time of year is always a sweet time for me. So many memories focus around this time of year. As a child, summertime meant no school for a few months, swimming pool visits, playing in the sprinkler, hanging clothes out to dry on the line, gardening with my mom, canning green beans and pickles, wilted lettuce salad, fresh veggies from the garden, playing with my friends, going on long bike rides, fresh cherry pies, homemade ice cream, taking walks with my mom, church camp, trips to Silver Dollar City and White Water Amusement Parks, cook outs, soaking up the sun, and the wonderful smells that fill the air in the summertime.

Well that is all I have time for now. Please stay tuned as I think of some more memories to post. If you are inspired to do the same, let me know and I will drop by for a visit!

Have a blessed day in the Lord!

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Audrey said...

Heather, wow when you do something you do it big :-) LOL

My fond memories would be more like this:

Pine needles
Mame & Paww
Summers in Louisiana
Ding Dongs
The price is right
My Little Ponies

But you go girl, I am enjoying reading them!