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Monday, June 4, 2007

Our Belated Birthday...

My youngest daughter's birthday was yesterday, June 3rd. However, she was still running a low grade fever last night so we decided to hold off on the "birthday party" until this evening.

She woke up this morning with out a fever!!! Praise the Lord!!! Your prayers have been greatly appreciated. I think that she may have been cutting her two year molars and that may have caused the fever. She had no other symptoms, so that is what I am guessing was the culprit.

Anyway, today I made her a birthday cake and we gave her her birthday presents. This year we gave her all toys, especially since we have bought her so few toys. She got a baby, a ball, and a noisemaker (a little jukebox). I think she likes the ball and the jukebox the best.

She has been so lovable today. I am blessed to have her as a daughter!!! She has blessed my life for two years now, and Lord willing many more years to come.



mama said...

Happy birthday 2 year old!!

Audrey said...

We were probably eating cake and singing happy Birthday at the same time ;-)

Eves present was a leap frog stuffed LuLu the spider. It sings the alphabet and she hasnt put it down sense she got it yesterday.

Oh, and I am so glad she is feeling better, you were probably right about the teething. Thats always my first guess when they are congested (snotty), drooling and running a low fever.

Happymama said...

AWww, Happy Birthday, little one!

I'm glad her fever broke. It's so tough of them when they have fevers.


staceyhoff said...

how sweet :) and I know about those 2 year molars! My d.d. is cutting her 2 y.o. molars right now and she is 16 months and has been very cranky! God bless Orajel and Infant Tylenol~ they are great friends, when needed! Lol.