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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A very QUICK post....

I know that I said that I wasn't going to post this week, but...

I am so thrilled to say that I found my "magic" cure for my round ligament pains....BANANAS!!!

Yes, you heard it here!!!! Bananas. My body must have been low on potassium, because immediately after I began eating 1-2 bananas a day my round ligament pains now only feel like pinches. I have had several days of wonderful sleep. I have slept so well that I wake up at six feeling refreshed. I am still tired throughout the day, due to anemia, but I am not experiencing pain like I was before!

I found out about bananas (or potassium) helping with muscle cramps when talking to my neighbor and I am so glad I did.

I am still struggling with my energy levels, but the pain is gone. I have not used the heating pad since I have been eating my bananas!!!


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Tiany said...

This really helped me too with this last pregnancy! Who would have thought hu? :-)