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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Preggy Update!!!

For those of you who are wondering (thanks Mama for asking)...I am right on target for size. I have gained 20 pounds so far....YIKES!!! And the baby's heartbeat was 140 beats per minute. Can you guess what we are having??? I have NO clue.

I do know that when my midwife was trying to get a heartbeat the baby was wiggling around and kicking so much that you couldn't hear the heartbeat due to the the fact that the baby's kicks were amplified in the doppler.

Although I am anemic, so I need to take my alfalfa tablets, Liquid Chlorophyll by Nature's Way, and take 1 T of Blackstrap Molasses morning and evening. Vitamin C is also important in helping me to absorb the iron in the natural supplements that I need to take. Other things that can help are stinging nettle, barley green powder in juice (I prefer orange juice), and red raspberry leaf tea.

The anemia could explain some of the fatigue that I have been feeling.

Other than that, everything is going great!!! ;OD

I am getting anxious, but I know that things will go fast SO I will just be patient and wait!



mama said...

Before you know it it will be time!
My baby's heartbeat was 120 in the last month and i thought for sure she'd be a boy....I guess you can't go by that!:)
I usually gain 40p each pregnancy! Yikes!

Mercy said...

My daughter used to constantly kick to anykind of beat she could. It was soo funny & really it still is. She was destined to be a drummer or something, because she keeps a great beat. I remember we were at our local parade right after she was born, lets see, she was...6 months old and that's when I first "got it" that when she was in my belly she REALLY was kicking to the beat of my heart or whatever it was she heard. She was going crazy when I was on the moniters in the hospital. I love it!

Enjoy these moments!