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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tapes and CD's Concerning Modesty and Purity in Dress

Beth has asked a good question, "Regarding the purity in dress sermon..from where did it come from?" (her words, not mine).

My friend, whom I spoke of in the previous post "I've Been Tagged," passed along a tape to me on the purity in dress after she shared her convictions with me about dressing modestly. I remembered the speaker's name and did an online search for these sermon tapes. I am not sure that I found the exact one that I listened to, but I did find several tapes concerning this issue by the same ministry.

Here is the link for messages concerning modest dress: Charity Gospel Tape Ministries. I think the one I listened to was Purity in Clothing, but I am quite sure the one I listened to was by Denny Kenaston...this one is by Rick Leibee. Regardless, these messages will bless your heart!

There are now several messages dealing with modesty. As I was searching, I found several other messages concerning church and family as well. I believe that all tapes (and maybe CDs) are free to the public. All you do is request the tape, and they will send it to you free of charge, or you can listen to it via MP3.

Beth, thanks for asking!!!


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