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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I think my daughter is on the mend...


Right after I posted yesterday, she started to seem to get a little better. She got up around noon and ate a little plain pasta and kept that down. She stayed awake until about 2:30 p.m. and then laid down to take a little siesta. When she woke up, I gave her a little more plain pasta & a banana and then she was ready to go play outside.

Dinner didn't stay down, but I think she ate the wrong things and maybe too much. She was eating her plain pasta, but was complaining that she wanted chips and turkey bacon. She didn't eat her chip, but did eat a small piece of turkey bacon. Her tummy said, "NO!!!" and then she was done.

This morning she when she woke up she had diarrhea again (so she had to have a bath), but she has eaten and is still walking around. I expect her to probably lay down for a morning nap again and then an afternoon nap. I have a pallet made up for her in the living room floor so she can lay down anytime she likes.

I guess she just has a stomach virus and not rotavirus. I am keeping her diet strict and simple. Hopefully she will continue to feel better. She has lost some weight, but once she is completely better I am sure that she will put it back on. It is just so hard with little ones. I always forget these childhood viruses.



Mrs.Garcia said...

Heather(runningtothecross), My Family and I will continue to pray for you ,your darling daughter who is not feeling very well and for the rest of your family.
God Bless,

motherofmany said...

Yeah!!! God hears and delivers. How awesome is the Lord most high!!!

Tiany said...

Im so glad to hear your little one is on the mend, PTL it was not Rotavis (no fun at all). Praying for a complete healing for her!


Swylv said...

Praising HIM because I had been lifting up your daughter since reading this yesterday and before the page loaded another prayer for good outcome and I see this post...again Prasing HIM.

ps: when my son was sick last time your homemade electrolyte drink was the first thing he could keep down, before adding other things. - thanks

Happymama said...

My hubby is struggling with the same thing right now. He came home from work this morning looking quite pale. Poor thing. I do hope your daughter is up and playing soon. It's so hard to see them sick, isn't it?