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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What Does HELP MEET Mean to You?

What does HELP MEET mean to you? I encourage you to try your hand at making this your own. I would love to know if you step up to the challenge!


Edited: Thanks Linda, I changed it to be the proper term... ;O)


Linda said...

Did you know.... that actually the word 'helpmeet' does not exist? The sentence went something like 'be a help meet for him', meaning (in old english) a help fit (meet) for him.

Meet is just a synonym for 'fit'.... the word we (as wives) are supposed to be is just 'help'..

It's funny though, how the word has slumbered-in and is now such a known word, while in reality it wasn't even meant as one ;)

greetings from the netherlands!

Mercy said...

A beautiful reminder!

Thank you!!


Audrey said...

Alovely poem and reminder that I really needed to read today as the past week has been a little trying with dh. Just one of those off weeks I suppose.