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Friday, April 20, 2007

I Believe in the Power of Prayer!

Updated: AWESTRUCK AGAIN!!! God is faithful!!! Candy's son is home again safely in the arms of his loving parents!!! ALL PRAISE AND GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!!

Please join us today as we lift up a Sweet Sister in Christ, Candy at Keeping the Home. You can read more about her situation on her blog.

I believe in the power of prayer, we are praying today for Candy, but just yesterday...a prayer was answered for Amy at Blessed Motherhood....

Amy, at Blessed Motherhood said,

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the prayers. We had our trial today, and it went a lot better than I thought it would. The judge was interested in the charts I put together about gardening from recycled materials and that the items in question were not junk. He was also sympathetic when I started to cry when questioned as to why the lot had been untouched for 18 months (my dad is my gardening partner on that, hopefully one day building a house on that very spot, and he was injured in an industrial explosion in September 2005. He was life-flighted to a burn unit and spent considerable time there. Then we got the notices from zoning that they were taking us to court, so we thought we weren't allowed to touch anything because it was evidence, then my dad had an emergency triple bypass. Having to talk about that just broke me). I went through the photos the prosecutor provided and explained what each items was going to be used for. And the judge decided to have another conference in August so I could show that the items were being used, since I now know I can go down there and work. It wasn't a 'win' for anyone because it is not over yet, but the trustees were completely sure they were going to be given permission today to go down there and haul out everything they deemed to be junk (and Mr. Mc- said "Everything down here is junk. Every last bit of it has to be removed"). But mostly my prayers were answered, that

1. The name of God was not tarnished by my presence. I felt God guiding me and giving me the words to say (Mark 13:11),

2. I did not embarrass my husband. It worried me that I would give the impression that I was running the family, but because the lot is in my name and I was working it with my dad, it seemed reasonable for me to present the case

3. God did not allow these men, who have openly ridiculed Christians, to gain a victory over me that they could use to further slander the name of Jesus (Psalm 35:19-20)

Afterward, even as I was embarrassed for crying and knowing that it still wasn't over, I was able to rejoice in the Lord and his faithfulness to me.

Now that this struggle is out of the spotlight until August, I can concentrate on getting myself taken care of. I am considering getting a second opinion on the breast mass rather than just go right to surgery, especially since I did not feel this surgeon took my wishes seriously when I asked for a specific test because of my own concerns about the extent of the painful area. And because so many have been praying for me and are confident that I will be healed, I do not want to go get so drastic so fast, as the surgery feels to be.

And then we get to concentrate on the blessed adoption of our littlest two. God has carried me through this month of horrors, even though I couldn't feel Him at times...."

My response to Amy:

"…I am once again, humbled….God has shown His faithfulness once more and has shown us the importance of prayer.

I am still awestruck from my experience this summer with my ectopic pregnancy and how God miraculously worked in that situation. We were very unsure about the surgery (of removing the ovary and tube) for fear of causing a life to end…and when the doctor called me with the pathology report, he said that they didn’t find a baby anywhere. The baby must have fallen off outside of the tube and got “absorbed” back into my body…Prayer changes things, God has proven that many a time."

GOD answers prayers, this is proof that He does. We cried out for Amy, and He listened, and He answered in His perfect timing. Now we must again cry out for Candy, He WILL hear us, and He WILL answer in His perfect timing.

Please join us as we pray today. Pray that Candy and her family will once again be reunited as a family, Lord willing. Pray that the judge will see things in their favor, and pray this experience for their son will open his eyes to his parent's love for him.


In Christ Alone,


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Mercy said...

Yes, God does amazingly answer prayers. First I want to say, I love this post. I've noticed that when we are able to stir up faith in our hearts, God seems to hear more quickly. What I mean by that is that I know He wants us to look back on the monuments of what He's done in our lives (and others around us), then say, "Lord, You CAN do this, You HAVE done this before, please do it again for me." I don't know if that makes sense, but hopefully you get the idea.

AND, THANK GOD FOR HIS ANSEWERD PRAYERS!!! That's amazing what happend to you with your pregnancy. I had a possible cancer cyst disappear one time. A large one! Praise God!!

As for Candy, I am so encouraged by what her husband wrote today. Such a strange situation & I pray that it will be resolved quickly! I'm sure it must be very difficult for them right now. I fasted in the morning (I was doing it already, but I did lift her situation up in prayer during that time).

I'm always amazed to see how God works situations for His glory!