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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just TOO Funny...

Today I had my postpartum check-up with my midwife, my baby girl is now 8lbs. 7 1/2 oz. and 21 inches long!!! But that's not the funny part...

Here goes:

You know your a Mommy to seven when:

  • Your 4-year-old daughter gets into the van and goes to the appointment with you looking like this:Yes, your are seeing two different LEFT shoes and pajama pants under her dress.

You know your a Mommy to seven when:

  • your five-year-old daughter ALSO gets to the same appointment with you looking like this:
    Yes, two different water shoes on the correct feet (she is wearing a jumper, but thinks it necessary to sit in a stroller and bare her knees while playing after we arrive home).

And on I go...

You know your a Mommy to seven when:

  • Everywhere you go you are 15 minutes late.
  • You think that you left your cell phone at the midwife's house, turn around to go back to get it and realize while you are on your way back to her house that your cell phone is actually in your purse and you AGAIN have to turn around to go back home.
  • You have to count your children each time you get into the van to make sure you have them all.
  • It takes 15 minutes or more just to get everyone rounded up to go somewhere and then another 15 minutes to get them in the van and buckled.
  • You almost drive off to your appointment withOUT your cell phone.
  • You always feel like you are forgetting something.
  • You have to drink a cup of coffee in the afternoon just to stay awake.
  • You can NEVER find two matching shoes when you need to go somewhere fast.
  • Your children rarely have something brand new to wear because everything is hand-me-downs.
  • You have to make an appointment with your husband to take a bath or shower.
  • You have to make an appointment to go to the bathroom.
  • You don't wash your hair for an entire week because you forgot to!
  • You forget to change your little one's diaper first thing in the morning.
  • You shout, "HURRAY!!!!" when the dishwasher is once again unloaded and ready to fill up again.
  • You are constantly running here and there to get pictures so you won't forget the special moments you had with your dear sweet children that grow up TOO fast!




duckygirl said...

Haha, my Dh keeps coming up with "you know you're a large family when..." jokes kinda along these lines. Like
"You know you're a large family when your youngest is getting hand me down parachute pants" :)

I'm with you on rounding up shoes, it just seems impossible sometimes!


Audrey said...

Isnt it wonderful! Only imagine how board we would be if it were any different than this!

Love, a fellow momy of seven who could use a shower and a good cup of coffee. ;-)

Swylv said...

I would love to be included, prayers appreciated.

oh and this one was my fave:

You have to make an appointment to go to the bathroom ... LOL

Michele said...

hahahahahha those pictures are priceless! I "only" had 4, all about 15 months apart, but I can remember those days! and making appointments to take a shower... hahahahhaha i can remember that too.

yup, at the time, I use to want to cry sometimes at being so tired and discombobulate, but now I look back at the memories fondly.

many blessings,

Mama said...

Yes you are a busy mommy!! And that is just too sweet!! I agree with audry.....our lives are FUN!!!