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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Wow, has it been busy...

My folks flew in for a visit last Thursday and left today. We had a great time, but were we ever busy!!!

My sister, who is traveling for her job right now, also joined us on Sunday and Monday...

But that is not all!!!

You see, I have family that lives in Scotland. And my cousin had planned to visit the states in July & August. Well, his plan flew in to the same airport my folks flew in at SO we picked him up and he stayed with us overnight...we had a very wonderful, but quick visit...

So to make a long story short...
My husband went & picked up my parents at the airport on Thursday, then went back to the airport to pick up my cousin on Saturday, took my cousin back to the airport on Sunday (as he was going to see our grandpa & family in the midwest), on the way back we picked up my sister at the train station, then took my sister back to the train station on Monday and today my husband we to the airport AGAIN to take my folks back to the airport...

Stats goes as follows:
4 round trips to airport in 6 days
2 trips to the train station in 6 days!!!

That's a lot of traveling for someone who is used to staying home!!!

BUT, that's not everything that went on!!!

My oldest son had his birthday on Sunday and mine was yesterday!!! He turned 11, I turned 24 PLUS 11... (O;

All I have to say is...I need to catch my breath!!! And to do that I am going to dig in my garden, wash tons of laundry, tweak my already clean house, and plan my homeschooling year!!!

My wonderful mother helped me get things all nice and tidy!!! What a GREAT birthday present!!!

And to top it all off, we are going to start homeschooling in 2 WEEKS!!!!! I wanted to start earlier but the homeschool law here says we need to give 15 days notification with a consent to homeschool letter. That gives me time to plan and get materials ready...printing up worksheets for my younger children and studying the curriculum for my older children.

So, if you come around and wonder if I dropped off the face of the earth...NO, I'M HERE!!! Just a little preoccupied!

But the Lord is good and gave us plenty of strength!!!

Have a great week in the LORD!!! (As I won't be around much!)

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BellaMama said...

Sounds like a great family recharging!! Happy Birthday too!!
If you are able, let us know what you plan for schooling: I need to start (for real) this year & I was hoping for ideas that'll take care of all the babies at the same time while cleaning the house & cooking dinner!! hehe!
Have a blessing of another week or two! :)!!
Mrs. C.