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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thoughts on Homeschooling

Homeschool Lesson Goals

Reading/PhonicsHow to Tutor Lessons

  • Writing & Singing ABC’s
  • Writing & Spelling name

MathNext lesson for boys (in Saxon Math), Saxon Math 1 & 2 (2nd grader...she didn't finish Math 1, and I will not go to Math 2 until she has finished)

  • Shapes & Counting (1 – 20)
  • Writing numbers
  • Basic Addition, Subtraction, & Division

BibleMemory verse each week & TOG curriculum (focuses on what the Bible says and why certain people did what they did)

  • Bible Stories
  • OT & NT Songs
  • Catechism Questions
  • Singing Scripture

Music Identifying notes, Listening to music, Composers & their music, Singing (refer to Bible)

  • Instruments? – piano, cello, keyboard, trumpet, guitar?

ArtColors & Mixing Colors, Still Life drawings, Animal Drawings, TOG curriculum

  • Using different mediums – crayons, markers, play dough, paint?

EnglishSpelling (Natural Speller?), Language Arts (Shurley English?), Writing (Write Like Crazy?)

  • Identifying punctuation
  • Identifying nouns & verbs

ScienceFlying Creatures of the Fifth Day?, Butterflies & Bees mini books?

Social StudiesTOG curriculum

HealthLearning about our bodies and how to take care of them.

Physical EducationTeam Sports

Literature (Reading)TOG Curriculum

  • Reciting Nursery Rhymes
  • Fairy Tales & Fables

The indented items are mainly thoughts on teaching my little ones... They will be 1st grade & younger. TOG stands for Tapestry of Grace Curriculum.

The main goal with my little ones is to keep them busy while I teach the older children. The less idle time they have, the less they get into trouble.

Other ideas when trying to keep your littlest content is to have your older children take turns occupying baby while you teach the others. And as baby begins to sit up and play, get a basket of toys (safe for baby) and set in front of him/her. That usually keeps them busy for a good long time. If all else fails, invest in a carrier of some kind...I suggest the Ergo baby carrier, and put baby in there until he/she falls asleep.

If the font on this post is a little crazy, it is because I copied and pasted this Homeschool goals from Microsoft Office...it always makes things look crazy!



BellaMama said...

Thank you so much. I forget to have the older ones take care of little ones because they are just now old enough & I'm teaching the older 2 at the same time, the same thing. They challenge each other and do more & learn more quickly. I have probably my next two to start with polishing the alphabet and learning to spell and read. It IS easier done than said. I'm coming out of my "regular" school thinking of how things need to be taught: teacher at front of room, children at desks with absolutely no interuptions! (LOL).
Well, you've encouraged me to get up and start my planning!!
Again, Thank you (I'll be refering to your page!)

prayzgod said...

I've been planning out homeschool for the new school year as well. I love this time of year - I'm so looking forward to the next year in home schooling.

My almost 2yr old will be doing preschool.

My 4yr old will be doing pre-K, with the main focus being on learning to read and write.

My almost 6yr old will be starting first grade.

My 8yr old will be starting third grade.

I'm so excited! :-)