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Friday, March 2, 2007

A Sleepy Homeschool Student

Does your son or daughter complain of being tired during homeschooling? Well, mine do all the time! In fact, I often forget that sometimes they are just hungry. Why do you get fatigued, besides lack of sleep from the baby?

Hunger is often the answer, and sometimes just a little snack will get them through the morning and/or afternoon of homeschooling. Now I'm not talking about a snack full of carbohydrates, but one full of protein and complex carbs. Peanuts, cheese slices or sticks, a piece of fruit with peanut butter or cheese, half of a peanut butter sandwich, cubes of ham or turkey, cottage cheese and fruit, or you could make granola bars and serve them for snack with cheese, peanut butter or any other protein snack.

I will be posting a recipe for my homemade granola bars, soon. They are delicious!

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Cajunchic said...

OOH I cant wait for the recipe. That sounds so yummy. A nice hearty breakfast helps also. My son loves to have a bit of quick cooking oats with a spoonful of sugar free strawberry jelly to flavor it. That way it has the flavor without all the sugar that makes him hyper. I cant wait for your recipe.

You are getting me very excited about homeschooling my son. Do you mind if I ask what ciriculumn you use?

Dont worry about misreading my post. I do it all the time as I am usually reading with a toddler on my lap. I am definitely not of the thought that you can lose your salvation. I used to be until I was truely saved. I was just trying to explain why I do things so differently than others and so far from the world since I get asked so much.