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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quick Clean-Up List (for floors)

Okay, so here is ANOTHER LIST... Did I tell you that I am a list maker? I make list after list, usually to help my children get things done.

This list is supposed to be used throughout the house. It is a FLOORS ONLY list. I created it specifically with my children in mind.

UPDATE: Just wanted to let you know that I gave this list to my almost 12-year-old son and he went to town! What I like about this list is that all he has to do is the next thing on the list, usually when he is finished there are only a few oddball items that he has to deal with. He also doesn't always use it for EVERY room, if he is helping me clean the upstairs, then he just uses it for the upstairs rooms. I was pleasantly surprised last evening when I walked upstairs and saw the difference he had made up there.

1. Go to each room and pick up laundry to take to basement (or laundry room).
2. Take the lego bucket to each room and pick up legos.
3. Take the crayon bucket to each room and pick up crayons.
4. Collect books in each room and put on bookshelf.
5. Gather all shoes and take to mudroom shelf (or shoe closet).
6. Take the pencil bucket to each room and pick up pencils.
7. Gather all dishes in each room and put in kitchen sink (or empty dishwasher).
8. Gather all coloring sheets in each room and put in crayon bucket with crayons.
9. Gather all girls’ toys in each room and take to girls’ bedroom.
10. Gather all boys’ toys in each room and take to boys’ bedroom.
11. Take linking cubes/counting bears bucket to each room and collect linking cubes & counting bears, then take to homeschool area.
12. Gather all coats in each room & hang in coat closet.
13. Gather all blankets, fold and put in living room.
14. Gather all game pieces, puzzle pieces, marbles, and any other small pieces and put in bucket for miscellaneous items (to be put away).
15. Gather all hangers in each room and hang in coat closet.
16. Gather all old newspapers in each room and put in paper basket.
17. Go to each room with trash bag and gather trash in trash bag.
18. Gather school papers in each room and give to Mom to file away.
19. Gather up any other items that you don’t know what to do with and ask Mom about those items.
20. Finally, sweep/vacuum all floors.

There you have it, another cleaning list. I'm sure that in the next several weeks I may come up with more!!!


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