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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet & Hallway Organization

Here are some lists I just created for my own use that I thought you might find helpful. We have been working on our Spring Cleaning this week, so that I have an orderly home in time for the baby's arrival.

I am not sure I will make it to my deadline to get it all done this week as I am not moving as fast these days and the cooler weather doesn't help. But I am aiming for success, and plan to achieve it ASAP!!!

10 Steps to Bedroom Organization
1. Remove Clutter
2. Remove Misplaced Items
3. Remove Trash (including broken items that cannot be fixed)
4. Remove Dirty Laundry
5. Remove Boxes of Stored Items from Closets
6. Straighten Hanging Items in Closet
7. Make Beds
8. Place other Items that belong in the room in such a way that they will not be IN the way.
9. If needed, provide baskets for storage.
10. Sweep & Mop Floors, Wash Windows, Apply Window Treatments.

8 Steps to Bedroom Closet Organization
1. Remove all items from floor and shelves & place on a flat surface like a bed or table (or floor for shoes).
2. Wipe shelves.
3. Sort through items on flat surface only keeping the items that you WILL use.
4. Put seasonal items (for opposite season) on shelves above hanging items.
5. Sort through hanging items, keeping only things that you wear.
6. Hang like items together (dresses, shirts, slacks, coats, etc.).
7. Sweep & Mop Floor of Closet.
8. Replace shoes or other floor items back in their places.

5 Steps to Linen Closet Organization
1. Remove all Items from Closet and place neatly on a flat surface like a bed or table.
2. Sort Items by Category (sheets, towels, blankets, toiletries) & remove all other items that don’t belong.
3. Assign Shelves for each Category
4. Match up like items and replace on shelves
5. Sweep & Mop Closet Floor.

10 Steps to Bathroom Organization
1. Remove all dirty laundry from bathroom, sort in baskets, & take to laundry room.
2. Set all Shelves, Hampers, Trash Cans, Scales and other floor items outside of bathroom.
3. Clear all Flat surfaces of Clutter removing misplaced items.
4. Scrub shower wall, toilet, sink, bathtub, & baseboard.
5. Wipe Walls, Window Sills & Mirror.
6. Straighten Medicine Cabinet.
7. Wash Shower Curtain, bleaching if necessary.
8. Sweep & Mop Floor esp. around toilet.
9. Replace Items that belong in Bathroom (including shower curtain).
10. Wash Windows & Apply window treatments (curtains).

5 Steps to Hallway Organization
1. Remove all items that don’t belong in hallway and return to their homes.
2. Clear and Straighten any tables or shelves of Clutter & dust.
3. Sweep & Mop floor.
4. Wash windows & window sills & apply window treatment.
5. Hallways are a thoroughfare through your home, don’t allow the hallway to become disorganized again by taking 5 minutes a day to pick it up.

I plan to make up list for the living room, kitchen and any other room I can think of soon!


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Mercy said...

These are great lists! I see them as pefect for giving to my children (or giving them which number they are in charge of)

Either way, these could be very useful. Thanks for posting!