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Sunday, November 18, 2007

What's Going ON?


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You know that friend that I mentioned in my last post? Well, her family is coming over Thanksgiving Day for dinner.

Here is my menu:

~Cheese Ball with Crackers
~Turkey Bacon (for my pregnant guest)
~Sliced Mozzarella
~Veggie Tray with dip (celery, pickles, olives, carrots, pretzels, ranch & French onion dip)

Main Meal
~Candied Sweet Potatoes
~Crescent Rolls
~Green Bean Casserole & Regular Green beans
~Cranberry Sauce

~Pumpkin Pie w/whipped topping
~Pecan Pie
~Pumpkin Streusel Cake (by request)

Here is the plan for the week:

Monday ~

Make cheese ball.
Make pie crusts.
Slice cheese.
Put cool whip in refrigerator.
Clean girls & boys room.
Make sure kitchen is clean.

Tuesday ~

Cut veggies for veggie tray.
Cut veggies for stuffing.
Make cranberry sauce.
Clean guest room & vacuum.
Clean game room & living room including shelves, desk, piano, & table.
Make sure kitchen stays clean.

Wednesday ~

Bake pies & cake.
Make rolls.
Fry turkey bacon.
Mix up beans with mushroom soup.
Make sauce for sweet potatoes.
Clean Bedroom & both bathrooms.
Make sure kitchen is clean.

Thursday ~

Bake turkey & put into roaster to keep warm.
Bake stuffing.
Cook sweet potatoes.
Cook rice.
Make gravy.
Bake Green bean casserole.

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I didn't think that we were going to have anyone over this year for Thanksgiving, but I am thankful that we get to spend it with another family!



Mercy said...

Great to hear from you!

I love your turkey!!

I still have to decide what I'm making for thanksgiving. Yikes!!

At least we've bought the turkey.

This is my first time actually doing thanksgiving by myself. A sweet older sister in the church will be helping me. We've invited others to come too. Not sure who will show. I've decided to do it at my moms house since she actually has a kitchen. :-) They will be out of town, but thankfully she doesn't mind me messing up her kitchen.

Hope you have a wonderful day of thanks!!


MrsMomma said...

Yum! Sound's like a mouth-watering meal! Hope you & your family & friends have a wonderful time!