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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Purge by 2008?

First things first...Thanksgiving went well. I cooked everything on my list (except for the turkey bacon...it wasn't necessary) and had my house cleaned and my meal nearly done by the time my guests arrived. The meal was absolutely delicious, and my guests, who were Hispanic, loved the meal also...it was their first American Thanksgiving!

But you know how it goes, there always seems to be a gliche and here's mine...First of all, I forgot to put the baking powder in my pumpkin streusel cake and secondly...when I was getting my pecan pie out of the refrigerator, I dropped it!!! Yes, a glass pie pan....Yes, it broke, upside down on the floor SO...to make a long story short, we DIDN'T have pecan pie because there was glass broken all over it!!! But the pumpkin pie and pumpkin streusel cake were STILL delicious. However, I owe my hubby a pecan pie sometime...maybe on his birthday in December, that's his favorite kind of pie.

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And one to the next topic... PURGING
Well, there is a smell of change in the air for us. And that change may be moving...just to a different part of the county, but it is a change. We haven't moved in 5 years and 3 children, so PURGING is a MUST. So I am setting up a few goals on this blog that I am going to work on for the next few days...weeks...month(?)...or however long we stay in this home that we are currently renting.

GOAL #1: I have a LOT of clothes for my family...too many clothes...so here is the first challenge. I am going to start purging 5 items/child of clothing/shoes each day (or as often as possible) until things are back under control.

GOAL #2: Toys...same as above...purge 5 items/child (as often as possible).

Have you all heard of Flylady's 27 Fling Boogie? Well, that is going to start happening on a regular basis around here...SERIOUSLY!!! Honestly, I am sick of living like this...that is, having to step on things to walk through a room...not being able to open the laundry room door because there are baskets of laundry EVERYWHERE!!! Things have actually been cleaner around here for the last week or so, but if I don't do something now, things are going to get out of hand again! So there you have it.

Do you have any end of the year goals that you would like to tackle? Leave me a comment and let me know...we can lift each other up during this trying time of purging.



Mercy said...

I'm with ya sis'ta!

Right now I'm working on toys before the big toy fest happens around here. I've finally just accepted the fact that the kids get WAY too many toys for Christmas. Last year I was so depressed trying to figure out what to do with them all. It's the grandparents. They just don't seem to realize we. Have. No. Space. So the toys get overwhelming for all of us & they wind up not playing with ANYTHING.

I've gotten a little more pro-active this year. I've been purging like mad and I'm buying a storage unit of some type this weekend in order to house some of the new stuff.

We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, I'm mostly working on getting our home prep'ed for baby. :-)

Hope that all goes well for you!

Take care,

MrsMomma said...

Oh, I LOVE doing FlyLady's 27 fling boogie. Love it! With every item I put in my bag to fling, I breathe easier. :)

Sorry about your pecan pie. :( Glad everything else turned out delicious, though!