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Thank you so much for stopping by! I have named this blog "Running to the Cross" because that is what I often find myself doing...running to be with my Lord Jesus! I often cover many aspects of life on my blog, as it is my journal. I used to write things down in all sorts of notebooks, but my writings would soon be lost. So I decided that it was time to start a blog and share my thoughts and ideas with others. Many topics you will find here are prayers, homemaking and organization, children and pregnancy, funny stories, and the challenges of parenting and motherhood. If you enjoy my blog and leave me a comment, you are likely to have me visit! I love meeting others and gleaning from the lives of others. May you be blessed! Your friend in Christ, Heather

Monday, May 5, 2008

SO GLAD to be HOME!!!

This is our first full week back from our fast-paced trip to the midwest...St. Louis, MO area. We drove over 2000 miles!

My sister got married and boy were we BUSY!!! BUSY helping her set up, and make sure the wedding went smoothly. Everyone stayed pretty healthy, as our last trip was plagued with throwing up and sickness. I did have to deal with the sniffles, watery eyes, sinus conjestion and cough...but all in all everyone stayed quite healthy...

UNTIL Monday night, we were on our way home...we had stopped in Cambridge, Ohio, a midway point and that night, I found myself plagued with the stomach virus. I tossed and turned all night, had hot and cold sweats, and tossed my cookies in the process. Needless to say, the last half of our trip home was no piece of cake for me...I just wanted to lay down on a soft bed and sleep...and that I did the following day.

Then, Thursday everyone else started getting the same thing. I think it is past now. All but one of our children got it, my husband even had it.

This has become a pattern for us. Everytime we travel, we get sick. I think it may be something about the stress of trying to get ready and then going all over the country and being exposed to EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.

Now I have a huge task ahead of us...GARDENING, SCHOOLING, and SEWING, not to mention getting my home into good order so that we can host several families for their "mini-vacations" and such.

I am stubborn though, I WILL DO IT, with God's help, of course.

A plan of action is forming in my busy brain. I don't yet know all that it will entail, but I must find a way to get it all done....NOTE: I am not a superwoman...nor do I claim to be...

It is interesting though, when you go to restaurants with my troop, people automatically think that you must be super-organized and have it all together (which I don't). My children are simply well behaved because we fight our battles at home. I am not outwardly organized, but organized in my brain...I have to know where things are and not forget this and that, you know. Maybe you have been somewhere before and your child had an accident, or an allergic reaction, or you needed to nurse in public...things like that I AM on top of...I have to be.

Oh, and by the way...someday I will show you a picture of my nursing cape...I find it quite handy when I am nursing in public...

Anyway, I am rambling on...

I must go and do now! Have a blessed day, week or month...however long it takes me to get back to this thing...



Fruitful Vine said...

I found you via Amy(totrainupachild)'s prayer list on her blog today. I'm so sorry about the flu. My boys seem to be fighting some sort of flu as well. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I prayed for you.

Mercy said...

My last little one I DID NOT nurse in public. It just didn't seem right. My first, I wasn't saved & didn't care. This baby I have found I try not to, but we lead a fairly active life when my husband is home. So, I've just tried to find a quiet corner and I use the ol' blanket thing.

By the way, my middle was the one I broke down and did a bottle on the fact that I felt like it was such a pull on me between the two. I did not stop nursing, I just used bottles whenever I was in public.

This time, I determined not to let other people intimidate me. :-)

Take care,

prayzgod said...

Oh, I'd love to see a picture of your nursing cape. I've had a few close calls in the past. :-?

a soldier's wife said...

I found you on Amy's site (Blessed Motherhood) and wanted to let you know that I'm adding you and your family to my prayers.