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Thank you so much for stopping by! I have named this blog "Running to the Cross" because that is what I often find myself doing...running to be with my Lord Jesus! I often cover many aspects of life on my blog, as it is my journal. I used to write things down in all sorts of notebooks, but my writings would soon be lost. So I decided that it was time to start a blog and share my thoughts and ideas with others. Many topics you will find here are prayers, homemaking and organization, children and pregnancy, funny stories, and the challenges of parenting and motherhood. If you enjoy my blog and leave me a comment, you are likely to have me visit! I love meeting others and gleaning from the lives of others. May you be blessed! Your friend in Christ, Heather

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

camera!...CAMERA!!! Oh, where is that thing?!

Oh! What beauty! Our first snow here and it is covering the ground...Where is that thing?!? My camera, I mean....I KNOW I saw the box....where is it?!!!


I want to share pictures...but, OH....I am still in the midst of moving in.

Yesterday, I went walking down our private path to the beach. It was cold and windy, but absolutely beautiful! At one part of the path I could turn around and see our house behind me and the water in front of me!

On the way back I saw three deer! One crossed in front of me!

Today, we watched the birds, Junkos, as they nibbled at the bird seed we set out for them.

On a different note...
I am going to work up a schedule to help me create order around here. I printed up a weekly calendar for the next three weeks today. I plan to write down what I want to accomplish each day (after homeschooling, of course) and I may try to share it...maybe it will help someone else!

And, Sue...thanks for your moving tips....I tried to comment on your blog and it was eaten by the internet monster!!! I didn't have time to retype the comment as times were very busy...they still are!!! Peace will come in due time! I am going to try to take a quick walk before dark so I must tend to the pressing things at hand before I do!

In His Presense...


Audrey said...

It sounds beautiful Heather! Cant wait to see pictures!

Leanne said...


SO good to have you back!!!! I feel like your "place" at my "table of friendship" has been empty for far too long!!!

I love your attitude and your spirit. I don't live in the country yet, but you inspire me to see the beauty around me.

I'm soooo happy that God has placed your family in such a fantastic setting. I'm so happy that you actually appreciate it and are content.

Well, I'll look forward to seeing you around my blog soon. Lots has happened since you last checked in......you'll have to come on over soon!!

Leanne in Longview WA

MrsMomma said...

I'm happy that you've moved and are settling in. Your new place sounds so peaceful! Have a wonderful week!